About Casey

Casey Dexter works in the Film/TV department a literary agency based in London. She previously worked in televison and entertainment marketing while living in New York City, before moving to England to earn her MA in Creative Writing. Casey has been a lifelong writer, starting early in high school as copy editor of her yearbook — all the cool kids were doing it! She's since continued as a student of the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC where she's taken sketch comedy writing classes. She's published several satirical articles on digital comedy platforms Slackjaw and Points in Case and has been featured in a print literary magazine for her creative non-fiction work.

Industry Friends is Casey’s debut novel born from her personal experiences living in the city while starting her early career. It’s a love letter to her first passion: television. A look inside early mornings in the studio, celebrity run-ins, funny one-liners from friends, bad date stories, and thoughts that keep her awake at night, Casey explores the intersection of chasing career goals and searching for self-identity. While highlighting foundational (and sometimes painful) moments of life — whether it’s through the letdown of dream jobs, evolving friendships, gut-wrenching relationships, the quest for fulfillment, or just feeling completely and utterly lost — this novel hopes to give a voice to the experience of many 20-somethings.