The Story of Industry Friends

When Olivia thinks her career has finally come together, her surrounding world falls apart.

Industry Friends gives voice to the chaotic, uncertain, humbling, and lonely experience of being a 20-something. Many of our most formative decisions and discoveries are made in our twenties, and the purpose of this book is for the reader to reflect on their own moments, learn alongside the main character, Olivia, as she discovers hers, and laugh at the absurdity of modern-day workplace culture, city-living, and dating in NYC (it really is the worst). A mix of light and dark elements, Industry Friends will surely strike a chord with anyone who’s ever followed their passion, no matter where it led them.

You will love this book if you like television, going behind the scenes, running around New York City, and watching the sunrise-- even if it’s from your desk at work. If you love the good and the bad of dating, making friends, family discoveries, mental wellness, and brutal honesty, you will like this book too.