The Story of Industry Friends

When Olivia thinks her career has finally come together, her surrounding world falls apart.

Industry Friends gives voice to the chaotic, uncertain, humbling, and lonely experience of being a 20-something. Many of our most formative decisions and discoveries are made in our twenties, and the purpose of this book is for the reader to reflect on their own moments, learn alongside the main character, Olivia, as she discovers hers, and laugh at the absurdity of modern-day workplace culture, city-living, and dating in NYC (it really is the worst). A mix of light and dark elements, Industry Friends will surely strike a chord with anyone who’s ever followed their passion, no matter where it led them.

You will love this book if you like television, going behind the scenes, running around New York City, and watching the sunrise-- even if it’s from your desk at work. If you love the good and the bad of dating, making friends, family discoveries, mental wellness, and brutal honesty, you will like this book too. 

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Industry Friends tapped into my twenty-something era in New York City so cleanly that I felt Olivia and I had done this side-by-side. This story is about chasing what you thought you always wanted at the cost of doing it all alone. Dexter mixes dry humor and a dash of absurdity into a dry cocktail about relatable career frustrations and romantic flare-ups. I cherish this book and Dexter's insight.”

 — Chloe Cullen, Author of Perf: The Unspoken Flaws in a “Perfect” Culture

Industry Friends is a coming-of-age story for those of us who think we've already grown up. Both hilarious and vulnerable, Dexter so perfectly captures the very personal, yet universal, growing pains we endure in the pursuit of success and happiness as wide-eyed young adults.” 

 Daniela Tijerina, Writer

"Casey Dexter's Industry Friends is a relatable portrait of a twenty-something's life. Through heartbreak, perseverance, and self discovery, Casey doesn't hide from real emotions and exposes feelings a lot of people have trouble recognizing." 

— Brandon Berman, Comedian and Host/Creator of Updating

"Loved this book! I can relate to all of the challenges the main character went through and enjoyed seeing her overcome those challenges and navigating New York City as a 20 something just trying to figure things out. I sped through this book and think it’s a great summer read."

 - Amazon Customer, 5 stars

Industry Friends is a must read! I could not put the book down, read it in one sitting. Any person in their twenties or anyone who has survived their twenties can absolutely relate to the story being told! An incredible story about friendship and family and a reminder that it is okay to not know what is going to happen next.

- Amazon Customer, Daniel L.

" I heard about this book and have subsequently been trying to get my hands on it ever since it first came out. Even when I was in NYC last October I went into every book shop that I passed, desperately asking each if they had it but to no avail. Eventually I caved and paid to have it shipped over to England from the states as my summer read and I am so glad I did. This book was stupidly relatable for me and where I currently am in my life for an array of reasons, and I felt really seen reading this book. It did sometimes feel like a preview, and I feel it could’ve been fleshed out a lot more but it was still super enjoyable. Glad I stuck it out and waited so long to read it!"

 - Goodreads Reviewer, Erin B.

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Average 4.4/ 5 Stars on Goodreads